25 Celebrities With Insane Criminal Records That May Shock You


Being rich and famous doesn’t always mean you can use your name or money to get yourself out of a bad situation. Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for some of these celebrities, the world tends to find out when there’s even a slight brush with the law. Some of the celebrities on this list have a well known, and rocky, past while others just hit a bump in the road on their way to stardom. Now let’s find out what kind of trouble some of your favorite celebs have gotten into.

25: Mark Wahlberg

Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com

Much to the surprise of none, Mark Wahlberg makes our list of celebs with a slight, ok maybe more than slight, criminal background and plenty of Wahlberg’s missteps have been well documented and publicised. Formerly known as Marky Mark, the pop singer and now actor seemed to embrace his wild side during his youth and was fairly vocal about the drug and alcohol use that came with many of his indiscretions. In his teen years, Marky Mark committed a series of violent, racially charged assaults that led to arrests which included assault and attempted murder and allowed him to spent 45 days in jail as a result. Not learning a lesson the first time around, Wahlberg continued to get into trouble with the law, but avoided assault and battery charges for a similar attack while in his 20s. In 2016, Wahlberg formally requested that his prior convictions be pardoned. The request was denied, but given his feisty nature we’re sure he’ll keep going until he gets what he wants.