25 Greatest Fashion Models Of All Time


From the covers of magazines, to runway shows, to television ads, some fashion models have gained enough exposure to become household names. To be considered the best in the world of fashion, you need something unique that sets you apart from the rest of the beautiful faces in the industry. The models on our list below have become well known for their looks, their talent, and their uniqueness.

25. Twiggy

Huffington Post

When it comes to the beginning of the modelling phenomenon, Twiggy’s name is often the first to come to mind. As a teen, the model started her career in the 60s during the rise of England’s mod scene. Twiggy’s early success can be attributed to having the right look at the right time. Her thin frame, big eyes, and overall look was perfect for the fashion scene of the swinging 60s. The model was soon featured on magazine covers across the UK and then in America. For the first time, a model had a line of merchandise that fans were lining up to get their hands on, from Barbie dolls to fake eyelashes. While her modelling career fizzled out over time, Twiggy remained in the spotlight. Recently, she co-hosted America’s Next Top Model alongside Tyra Banks.