25 Most Ridiculous Body Parts Insured by Celebrities


The seemingly absurd idea of insuring one’s body parts started over a century ago. It has never really applied to most people (we’re worried about ALL of our body parts), but it was useful for Hollywood stars who were keen to protect the most important assets for their career. Flash forward to today, and it’s still the same. Celebrities secure a policy that is specific to their MVA, “Most Valuable Asset!” But the most surprising thing is the sheer amount of money that comes with these policies! Legs, busts, voices and even chest hair. These are the 25 weirdest body parts insured in history.

25. Dolly Parton’s Breasts

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

Dolly Parton Dean, or just Dolly Parton for short, is a US record producer, businesswoman, singer and philanthropist among other things. During the 70’s, Dolly Parton insured her massively popular 40DD breasts for a mere $600,000. This move proved to be a worthwhile investment because her chest would now be worth a whopping $4 million!