10 Unbelievable Examples Of Things Being Worn Down Over Time


Nothing can withstand the passage of time. This goes for not just us but everything (living or not) around us. From the buildings we live in to the cars we drive, eventually, everything starts to fall apart. There’s nothing that can last forever, even the toughest things known to man. Although it can be a bit sad to think about the whole phenomenon, it’s quite fascinating when you can observe it in photographs. It gives us a chance to pause and notice the subtle (and not-so-subtle) signs of wear and tear on objects right in front of us. Here are some such incredible photos that piqued our interest in how things are worn down over time.

Getting All Cleaned Up

Credit: Teddie1056 / www.reddit.com

The Northeast United States used to burn more coal than it does now to power cities, factories, and homes and the air was thick with pollution. No wonder the walls of these old buildings were stained black with soot and smoke. It’s a visual testament to how much cleaner cities can be these days!