25 Modern Architects Whose Work Will Leave You Speechless


From common residential homes to iconic structures built a long time ago, we are surrounded by many impressive buildings, but not many people think much of the guys who designed them. Because architects are underrated compared to the outsized impact they have on our daily lives, we decided to write this article dedicated to some of the world’s greatest architects from the likes of Antoni Gaudi and Oscar Niemeyer to Norman Foster and Frank Lloyd Wright. Discover the amazing works that, no matter when they were built, are still awe-inspiring today. Let’s take a look at these important men and women who bamboozled us with their crazy designs.

25. Antoni Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926) was a Catalan designer best known for practicing Modernisme (also called Catalan Modernism) with a distinctive and individualized style. His works were always influenced by his greatest passions in life: nature, architecture, and religion. He paid the utmost attention to every detail of his creation and personally supervised the incorporation of crafts like stained glass, ceramics, forged carpentry, and wrought ironwork into architecture. The resulting buildings had an organic appearance that transcended his contemporary peers. The majority of his works are to be found in Barcelona, Spain. His magnum opus is the magnificent Roman Catholic Church, Sagrada Familia, which is still under construction today.