The 25 Most Terrifying Dinosaurs


The study of dinosaurs began in the 1820s when scientists first discovered the bones of a large land reptile in the English countryside. The name dinosaur was first coined by Sir, Richard Owen after examining the bones from three different creatures. It comes from the Greek words deinos and sauros which mean terrible and lizard respectively since they were terrible lizards or reptiles. The traces of these great reptiles can today be identified in their descendants like birds and reptiles. Here is some information about the terrible 25 dinosaurs that ever walked the earth.

25. Gorgosaurus

Vlad Konstantinov / DeviantArt

Gorgosaurus is a theropod of the genus tyrannosaurid and lived in the present-day western North America in the Late Cretaceous. This bipedal predator weighed more than two tons when it reached adult size. It preferred to live in lush floodplain environment where it preyed on the abundant hadrosaurs and ceratopsids. It is great they don’t exist in the present day earth since human existence would have been greatly threatened. Today’s animals would be the ones becoming extinct as they would have eaten in large numbers since they are much smaller than the larger prey Gorgosaurus fed on in its time.