25 Creepy Urban Legends That Are Actually True


Ah, urban legends. The best kind of story to tell on a dark night, under the stars or during a sleepover. What were the most popular urban legends lurking around in your neighborhood or in your city? The fact is, they carry so much power because they are both frightening and believable at the same time. So, maybe you’ve sifted through the urban legends and found out that they weren’t true by virtue of Wikipedia; but some of them did actually happened! Here are 25 creepy urban legends that are actually true:

25. A Girl Ate Nails For Breakfast

Are iron supplements not enough for you? Maybe it’s time for the real thing. A girl from Galveston, TX arrived in the emergency room after complaints of experiencing a severe painful sensation in her throat. Doctors scrambled to find out what was happening and ordered an X-ray on her throat. What they found was shocking! The pain was caused by metal wires lodged inside her throat! When asked about it, the father mentioned that he had been doing some BBQ cleaning using a metal brush but forgot to wipe the grill clean after he was done. The wires were stuck to their meal, and the poor girl ended up eating them.