25 Terrifying Haunted Houses Few Are Brave Enough To Live In


The moaning of unseen voices. Floating figures that appear in the dead of night. Unexplained markings on the walls. If you love the thrill of meeting otherworldly phantasms and spirits, or if you’re curious in getting to know more about the most terrifying houses in the world, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 25 terrifying haunted houses few are brave enough to live in.

25. The Whaley House

The Ghost Diaries

The modern facade of the Whaley House might seem normal enough, but the haunted spirits come alive at night and turn it into one of the most terrifying experiences you’ve had in your life. The Greek Revival Villa, located in San Diego, Ca has been named “America’s Most Haunted House” by LIFE magazine in 2005. The ghost of “Yankee Jim” Robinson walks the property at night in heavy footsteps, while the apparitions of Anna and Thomas Whaley join in to scare any living being from the house.