10 Top Diets to Improve Your Health


Need to kick off the New Years on a new diet? Or are you just looking to improve your eating habits and lifestyle. We’ve review ten of the most popular diets and each diet has its only unique benefits, see what’s best for your lifestyle.

Cambridge Diet

This is basically a meal replacement liquid diet, consisting of shakes, soups, porridge and 1 solid item crunch bars. All menu items need to be purchase from a Cambridge Weight Plan consultant, with drastically low calories counts. For up to 12 weeks, this plan calls for meal plans that limited you to 415 to 615 calories/day. Given these low calories count, those who keep to this diet see significant weight loss quickly. These meal plan replacement also ensure that you receive all the vitamins and minerals needed.

Down side to this, it can be dangerous to maintain such a low calories count for extended weeks, ensure you keep to the diet offered by your Cambridge Weight Plan consultant. Also, you’ll be on a diet of strictly packets for up to 12 weeks, most of which are liquid, so this take a lot of willpower to stay on target.