These New K-9 Police Puppies From Taiwan Are Just Too Cute!


AJ, Full Moon, Brother, Feida, Schumann and Lucky Star are the newest and the fluffiest additions to the police service, and they will steal your heart! These stalwart puppies have recently been introduced to a Taiwanese K-9 unit. They’re about to start training in a few days. They will be taught how to sniff out, detect and catch explosive devices and illegal drugs.

What do these dogs have in common? They all come from Yellow, a remarkable canine serving in the Taiwan National Police Agency. What does she do? She detects bombs and possible drugs and belongs to the Anti Bomb and Anti Drug unit.

A spokesman from the NPA says that the Taiwan police hopes that these adorable K-9 puppies will eventually pass the training program and join the police service. With perseverance and hard work, they can join their mom, Yellow, and their dad, Leader, another dog working in the police department.

But that will have to wait. Today, they are sleeping and growing at a tremendous rate. Lucky Star would sometimes fall asleep in the middle of his meal. Then he would snap wide awake and continue eating as if nothing happened! The young and energetic puppies’ priorities are eating and playing. Tomorrow, they will be saving the world and fighting crime.

Sleeping on the job? Not to worry. This future K-9 will one day become the best of the best in Taiwan’s police force. He’s just resting for now. A proud red uniform sits in the background.