The 25 Weirdest Things Ever Sold On eBay


You know the strange things you see for sale while browsing on eBay? You ask, does anyone really buy that? Your reaction as you go through the items can range from being incredulous to laughing out loud! Believe it or not, someone, somewhere in the world could actually be looking for that weird item on eBay. eBay revolutionized the way people bought and sold items online. The online auction meant everyone had an equal footing, and anyone can bid on the item with the right credentials. Each and every day, there are thousands upon thousands of items being put up for bidding – decor, electronics, appliances, crafts, equipment, furnishing, services, collectibles, everything! You name it, eBay usually has it. So it should be no surprise that even the weirdest and the most bizarre items make their way to the listings, and some have sold for plenty of money. Now you might think that you’ve seen everything there is that eBay has, but you’d be wrong. Here are the 25 most bizarre things ever sold on eBay:

25. Guinea Pig Armor

Have you ever thought about suiting up your pet guinea pigs for battle? Apparently, someone is channeling their inner child. In 2013, an elaborate suit of armor fit for a guinea pig graced the pages of eBay and became quite the hit. The ending bid came up to a whopping total of $24,300! But the first bidder backed out, and the item was re-listed. When the dust settled, the final price of the guinea pig armor totaled $1,150. The proceeds, according to the seller will be towards the Metropolitan Rescue of Guinea Pigs, a non-profit organization for the protection of, you know, guinea pigs.